Monday, July 27, 2015

Gen Con Bound!

I rolled my Patron Bond check and now I am in the debt of Joseph Goodman. I will save the Invoke for a more desperate time. Anyway, I'm off to Gen Con 2015 soon!

I will be at the Goodman Games booth on Thursday afternoon, Friday at 1 PM, and Saturday morning. At said location, you can buy every single issue of Crawljammer, plus all the great new Goodman Games products (I saw the list of new releases, and let's just say you will need to get some bigger dice).

Also: I'll be running Crawljammer: Dreamscape of the Nightmare Beasts at 7PM on Thurs, and otherwise lurking around playing in games after hours at the Embassy Suites whenever possible and maybe playtesting some secret things.

See you in Indianapolis!

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