Sunday, July 31, 2016

Gen Con 2016: I Will Be There and so Will Some New Zines and Books and Wow

New Crawljammer Zines? What?
Oh, what is this? An update to the Crawljammer blog? Why now?


Here's the lowdown:

Crawljammer: The Vault of Ash, written by Daniel Bishop and illustrated by Fred Dailey (with cover by Matt Hildebrand) will debut at Gen Con. This is the sequel to Daniel's Weird Worm-Ways of Saturn, and while that first adventure explored the surface of the worm-infested killer planet, this adventure takes us underground, where you will probably die a horrible death, let's be honest. The Goodman Games booth will have 30 copies of the adventure for sale, and after I get back from the convention, and after I ship out copies to folks who had subscribed previously (thanks for your patience!!!), I will put the remaining copies up for sale on this here blog. I still have a bunch of copies of Weird Worm-Ways left, and I will put those up for sale after Gen Con as well, if you want the set.

Crawljammer Most Wanted: A Gen Con 2016 Minizine, written by me, illustrated by Fred Dailey, and designed by Matt Hildebrand, will ONLY be available at Gen Con. Matt wanted to make a special giveaway for Gen Con (even though he won't be there -- how nice is that?) and he was going to make a minizine using some excerpts from previous Crawljammer issues. I said, "let's do something new. I bet Fred would be willing to do something new." And thus it came to be that Fred drew a rogues gallery for the Perilous League -- six vile villains -- and I statted them up for Crawljammer, wrote a bit of backstory for each, and Matt took care of everything else (including printing) and shipped them to CJ central. This is a FREE signed-and-numbered, limited-to-100-copies release. How do you get it: see me or Fred on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday of Gen Con. Tell us what you like about Crawljammer. Play in one of my games. Give us high-fives at Punjar 50K at the Embassy Suites. Share your snacks. Whatever! We will have copies as long as supplies last!

The Gongfarmer's Almanac 2016: Volume 6, Crawljamming and Other Stuff [not the actual title], written by a bunch of people (and including an amazing adventure by Julian Bernick). This is another FREE issue. It's huge. Like 48 pages or something. And like all issues of The Gongfarmer's Almanac, you can get it by asking for it at the Goodman Games booth. Marc Bruner is the champion who coordinated this year's almanac, so give him a huge hug when you see him. If the anticipated release schedule hold true, with two volumes released per day, then this Crawljammer-centric volume should be available on Saturday of Gen Con. Get there early!


That's a pretty huge chunk of Crawljammer!

Barako. Mysterious, hypnotic, deadly, wet.
But I am involved with some other releases at Gen Con as well!

The Purple Planet gang regrouped to help out Harley Stroh by fleshing out The Lost City of Barako, a companion locale for the brand new Journey to the Center of Aereth. For the Lost City, I created some cool monsters that will kill you, and a cool magic spell-song-ritual that will kill you or maybe save you. Do you dare to find out?

I also wrote up a couple of magical swords for the Goodman Games Gen Con 2016 Program Guide. If you have seen these Program Guides, they are a huge lie. They are not Program Guides. They are massive amazing Annuals filled with gaming material. This one is dedicated to Metamorphosis Alpha. And swords. And more!

See you at Gen Con!