Wednesday, June 18, 2014

New Crawljammer! New Old School Role-Playing! Updates!

I didn't officially post about this yet, but as the sidebar indicates, CRAWLJAMMER #3 IS NOW AVAILABLE! It's the best issue yet, and here are three reasons why:

  1. New artist Christian Mojallali rocked the cover with his depiction of a psychic knight in heated battle with a moon octopus.
  2. Sean Ellis comes in with some advanced psionic rules for your DCC game, and Sarah Richardson draws the best illustration of a psychic battle since those New Mutants issues Bill Sienkiewicz drew when you were a kid.
  3. The epic Promethean Lance makes its debut, thanks to the mind of Mark Malone, and it's the kind of magic item/weapon/device that will make judges squirm and players cry with joy and frustration.
Plus I write a bunch of stuff in this issue, as usual, like specs on the psychic knight character class, the secret history of the Perilous League, the final adventure beneath the surface of Mars in which the players chase down the weird duo of Queldoz and the Shapeshifter, and more!

Yeah, I'm proud of this one! (This PDF is also available at RPGNow!)

I will be running three Crawljammer games over 4th of July weekend in Morristown, New Jersey as part of the Oswarp Old School RPG convention, which is part of the big ol' production known as Dexcon 17. Details on the convention -- including the entire list of programming -- can be found HERE!

I'm running one Friday afternoon, one Saturday morning, and one Saturday afternoon. Check them out. Join in and play. Michael Curtis will be there, and he has threatened to join in on the Saturday morning action, no doubt to foil my wicked plans and do whatever it takes to ensure his PC survives the perils of Pluto and the Space Pirates from Beyond the Grave.

See you then! And, oh yeah, order your Crawljammer copies so I can actually afford to go to this thing!