Monday, April 28, 2014

Crawljammer #2 ERRATA

Okay, so Crawljammer #2 slipped out the door with a couple of typos and ONE MAJOR OMISSION. Oh man, I don't know how we missed it, but the Technomancer Level Progression Table somehow disappeared in the final version we printed. So, here's the full errata for issue #2. All subscribers and folks who purchased this first printing of the issue will receive an updated PDF with these corrections and a printable one-sheet errata page later this week.

Errata! Thom Hall's name is actually "Thom Hall"! Not "Tom Hall."

Errata! Page 7 refers to "Table 1-1" in the Magic paragraph, but that should read "Table 2-3."

Big Errata! Table 2-2 is missing from Page 9! It should look like this (only it will be more nicely formatted in the PDF):

Errata! In the "Hail Bob's" section, there are two asterisks -- one in the instructions for each table -- and you can ignore those asterisks. They used to refer to a reroll that would be necessary if a "0" was rolled, but we added the "0" level for each table, so no reroll is needed. Just ignore them. Or think of them as side-effects of the drinks that are served at Hail Bob's!

Sorry about those errors and omissions. Here at Crawljammer HQ, we vow to unleash all of our proofreading minions the next time. ALL of them.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Crawljammer #2 Printed and Ready! (Plus, a NEW LOOK for Issue #1!)

CRAWLJAMMER #2 is now on sale! Copies have been shipped to subscribers this morning, and if you haven't yet subscribed, now's your chance!

We've also redesigned the look of the first issue to match the new logo and layout of issue #2. Crawljammer #1 now comes in Phlogiston Flux Fuschia and Crawljammer #2 has been printed with Neptunian Nuclear Green covers. Basically, this was what Crawljammer was always supposed to look like, but I didn't know it until now.

Coming up in issue #3 we have a new Psychic Knight character class, advanced rules for DCC psionics, and an exploration beneath the surface of Mars in "The Phaseship of the Starmongers." But give me a chance to catch my breath after getting issue #2 out on time! I mean, issue #3 isn't even due until June, and you're already clamoring for it? Me too!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Inspirational Image: Keith Giffen's Pulsar Stargrave

This Keith Giffen "Legion of Substitute-Heroes Special" is one of my favorite things in the history of American comic books. The eye-blasting colors! The absurd humor. Pulsar Stargrave!

Stargrave is a Jim Shooter creation from the disco era. He's Brainiac, still alive in the future. Maybe. He's a man of mystery. And bell-bottoms.

In the world of Crawljammer, imagine an ancient android held in suspended animation for 1000 years, resurrected as a villain in the world of the PCs. He'd be awesome. Particularly if he had a giant astral sign medallion around his neck. For the ladies.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Crawljammer #2 Table of Contents!

This is what issue #2 is looking like. We start off with STRANGE SPACE ENCOUNTERS so you can roll up some random encounters for your space travels. Including new monsters like the Moon Octopus and the Cactus Men of Alpha Centauri.

Then we slide into my favorite (so far) new character class: THE TECHNOMANCER. This class give you a chance to play a high-tech wizard who can create hyper-gadgets and use that magical helmet of his to cast super-spells.

Speaking of super-spells, how about some NEW SPELLS FOR CRAWLJAMMER? We've got some. Three new ones, in fact, suitable for wizards and elves of all shapes and alignments but particularly useful for the good ol' technomancer you've just rolled up!

Then special guest writer Thom Hall, Metal Militia Mastermind, comes at us with HAIL BOB'S: THE COLDEST DRINKS IN THE PHLOGISTON FLUX. You like random tables where you might roll up a lethal cocktail or a troublemaking vagabond on the run from a space pimp? Here you go!

And we wrap up the issue with my biggest Crawljammer adventure yet, as the PCs explore RED PLANET RENDEZVOUS: THE ARCADIAN, a two-level ship filled with the most dangerous cutthroats and evil lizardmen you're likely to find this side of the galaxy.

Yes, CRAWLJAMMER #2 is coming. More details about the where and when in the weeks ahead!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Space Prisons in Space

I wouldn't say the Guy Pearce rescue-the-president's-daughter-from-a-space-prison film Lockout was on my mind as I was putting the finishing touches on the first complete draft of Crawjammer #2, but it wasn't NOT on my mind. It was sort of on my mind. Or floating around somewhere near my mind. Maybe in space. Hijacked by Irish space thugs.

All of this is to say that (a) I love movies involving Guy Pearce shooting and punching stuff, (b) I love the idea of space prisons, (c) Crawljammer #2 may or may not feature a space prison of sorts, (d) I AM PRETTY MUCH DONE WITH CRAWLJAMMER #2!

I will keep you posted. Because I know you can't wait much longer to add the Technomancer character class to your DCC games.