Friday, August 22, 2014

Demon Drums Limited Edition Now FOR SALE!

Hi! For Gen Con this year, I published a 12-page complete adventure compatible with DCC and other old-school role-playing games. It's called DEMON DRUMS and I think it turned out really well.

I distributed a bunch as an exclusive give-away at Gen Con, but I still have about 20 copies of the signed and numbered edition left AND when I came back from Gen Con, my printer called to say that they accidentally printed another 100 copies of the adventure. I bought those copies rather than have the printer throw them away, and since a bunch of folks have emailed me asking how they could buy a copy of DEMON DRUMS, well, now's your chance! This is the last time DEMON DRUMS will be available in print through Moon Dice Games.

The first 20 people who order a copy will receive the DEMON DRUMS signed and numbered edition. Everyone after that will receive the special surplus edition (limited to 100 copies), signed by me. Place your order below (select the International option if you are outside the U.S.) and then you can run what has been called, by some players*, "the best game they've ever played!"

*these players had never played a role-playing game before.

Order and enjoy!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Monday, August 11, 2014

Demon Drums: 100 Print Copies for Gen Con

This is NOT an issue of Crawljammer. It's a new 12-page complete adventure compatible with DCC (and Crawljammer, of course).

100 signed and numbered copies of this will be printed for me to give to Crawljammer fans at Gen Con. If you see me, ask for a copy, and if I have any left, I will give you one FOR FREE (until I run out).

For those folks who can't make it to Gen Con, I will be offering it for sale as a PDF after Gen Con via RPGNow! But, seriously, just come to Gen Con and hang out. You know you want to!

EDIT: And I could not have pulled this together in time without the heroic efforts of Matt Hildebrand and Fred Dailey! They made my words look good! And Chris Burnham let me use his drawing for the cover, like a champ!