Thursday, April 3, 2014

Space Prisons in Space

I wouldn't say the Guy Pearce rescue-the-president's-daughter-from-a-space-prison film Lockout was on my mind as I was putting the finishing touches on the first complete draft of Crawjammer #2, but it wasn't NOT on my mind. It was sort of on my mind. Or floating around somewhere near my mind. Maybe in space. Hijacked by Irish space thugs.

All of this is to say that (a) I love movies involving Guy Pearce shooting and punching stuff, (b) I love the idea of space prisons, (c) Crawljammer #2 may or may not feature a space prison of sorts, (d) I AM PRETTY MUCH DONE WITH CRAWLJAMMER #2!

I will keep you posted. Because I know you can't wait much longer to add the Technomancer character class to your DCC games.

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  1. I was a fan of this movie because of the humorous bits that were still realistic and because the main character wasn't a superhero but very human scaled. It also hit a sweet spot because when my wife made me watch it I was dreading some sort of generic cop drama based on the title.