Saturday, April 5, 2014

Crawljammer #2 Table of Contents!

This is what issue #2 is looking like. We start off with STRANGE SPACE ENCOUNTERS so you can roll up some random encounters for your space travels. Including new monsters like the Moon Octopus and the Cactus Men of Alpha Centauri.

Then we slide into my favorite (so far) new character class: THE TECHNOMANCER. This class give you a chance to play a high-tech wizard who can create hyper-gadgets and use that magical helmet of his to cast super-spells.

Speaking of super-spells, how about some NEW SPELLS FOR CRAWLJAMMER? We've got some. Three new ones, in fact, suitable for wizards and elves of all shapes and alignments but particularly useful for the good ol' technomancer you've just rolled up!

Then special guest writer Thom Hall, Metal Militia Mastermind, comes at us with HAIL BOB'S: THE COLDEST DRINKS IN THE PHLOGISTON FLUX. You like random tables where you might roll up a lethal cocktail or a troublemaking vagabond on the run from a space pimp? Here you go!

And we wrap up the issue with my biggest Crawljammer adventure yet, as the PCs explore RED PLANET RENDEZVOUS: THE ARCADIAN, a two-level ship filled with the most dangerous cutthroats and evil lizardmen you're likely to find this side of the galaxy.

Yes, CRAWLJAMMER #2 is coming. More details about the where and when in the weeks ahead!

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  1. Yay!
    I just received issue one in the mail today and it sent my mind whirling... I've already got 5 pages of ideas that that little booklet conjured in my head, Drawings of weird void creatures and the beginnings of an idea for a haunted space dungeon.
    Voidbeasts, Golem ships and worm-men... oh my!

    I love the DIY look of the zine and the adventure has that classic flavor.
    Who could turn down having skeletal ships full of lizardmen to fight with?

    Excellent stuff!
    I'm on the edge of my seat with impatience waiting for #2!