Monday, April 28, 2014

Crawljammer #2 ERRATA

Okay, so Crawljammer #2 slipped out the door with a couple of typos and ONE MAJOR OMISSION. Oh man, I don't know how we missed it, but the Technomancer Level Progression Table somehow disappeared in the final version we printed. So, here's the full errata for issue #2. All subscribers and folks who purchased this first printing of the issue will receive an updated PDF with these corrections and a printable one-sheet errata page later this week.

Errata! Thom Hall's name is actually "Thom Hall"! Not "Tom Hall."

Errata! Page 7 refers to "Table 1-1" in the Magic paragraph, but that should read "Table 2-3."

Big Errata! Table 2-2 is missing from Page 9! It should look like this (only it will be more nicely formatted in the PDF):

Errata! In the "Hail Bob's" section, there are two asterisks -- one in the instructions for each table -- and you can ignore those asterisks. They used to refer to a reroll that would be necessary if a "0" was rolled, but we added the "0" level for each table, so no reroll is needed. Just ignore them. Or think of them as side-effects of the drinks that are served at Hail Bob's!

Sorry about those errors and omissions. Here at Crawljammer HQ, we vow to unleash all of our proofreading minions the next time. ALL of them.


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  2. Is that a thing? I don't know what it means to follow it within blogspot. I will look into it!