Thursday, December 18, 2014

In Case I Never Mentioned it CRAWLJAMMER #5 IS NOW AVAILABLE!

I have this here blog to talk about Crawljammer, and I somehow neglected to mention that (a) Crawljammer #5 is available, and (b) you can buy it! (Multiple ways!)

This is the most unusual of all Crawljammer issues so far because while it still has the sci-fi-meets-fantasy flavor that you have come to love, it's a more tightly focused issue with some real practical use at the gaming table but maybe not as much random nonsense as you have come to adore. But what I LOVE about this issue, is that Sean Ellis and I really crafted the core of a new pantheon of Space Gods that you can invoke by your wizards or use as a deity for your Crawljammin' clerics, and I provided a new character class -- the Ecclesiast -- that gives you the best of both of those worlds and frames it around a package of inspirational Wayne Snyder artwork. (Oh, and 12 new spells! TWELVE.)

And Matt Hildebrand killed it on the layout and cover art for this one.

And Fred Dailey killed it even harder on his drawings of Garun and Sperato, the latter of which is some kind of Platonic ideal of Ditko meets Legion of Super Heroes meets Christopher Lee, and I could not be happier with how that turned out.

So! You can buy issue #5 over on the right of this page. Or you can buy bundles of previous issues or preorder the next few. Or you can head over to RPGNow and get yourself any of the digital versions of any issue at a bit of a discount. Whatever you're into. And let me know if you need any help with all that Jammin' that's happening before, during, and after your Crawlin'.

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