Sunday, February 16, 2014

Inspirational Image: Maximilian Schell and the Mirrorface Drones in The Black Hole

In Gary Nelson's 1979 not-quite-masterpiece, The Black Hole, Maximilian Schell plays Dr. Hans Reinhardt, who is basically a Joseph Conrad character stuck in the depths of space and driven mad by his hubris. He's so crazy, the fictional character of Dr. Reinhardt even names his red killer robot after his own real-life first name, like some meta-commentary on the line between fiction and reality and robots and dudes named Maximilian.

There's also a bunch of guys who have mirror shades AS FACES.

If this isn't fodder for your Crawljammer spaceship-adrift adventures, then that's fine. But you're playing it wrong! Embrace the Black Hole! The devil lives inside.

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