Saturday, February 8, 2014


Pretend that the table is
overloaded with
funky dice and lasers!
Hey everyone!

A few things:

1) Crawljammer has been approved by Joseph Goodman of Goodman Games which makes it OFFICIALLY COMPATIBLE WITH DUNGEON CRAWL CLASSICS. So I don't have to pretend it's not, because IT TOTALLY IS!

2) Crawljammer will be published bi-monthly, and this first issue clocks in at 32 pages of sweet space dungeon crawling action and adventure. Every issue this year will also be 32 pages. Just as Bobugbubilz intended!

3) The first issue is ready to print and ship within the next few days! Single issues are $3.00 for the print version, and $2.00 for the PDF version (and if you want both the print and the PDF, it's $3.50 total). International shipping will have to be arranged via email, sorry!

4) If you want to subscribe to the full year of six issues, it will be $18.00, and for that price, you will get both the print copies AND the PDFs at a whopping savings of $3.00! I know! There are slim profits to be made, and I will pass that lack of profits along to you! And, once again, international shipping will be more expensive, so that will have to be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

5) PayPal buttons for buying single issues or subscriptions are over there on the right side of this very blog! Click away and send me money so I can send you the goodness!

6) If you want to contribute something to a future issue and get bountiful rewards (such as one free issue!), please contact me using the info also on blog sidebar!

7) Oh, what's in issue #1? Here's a snapshot of the table of contents!

Yeah! That's right. It has begun!

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  1. I received the first issue of my subscription yesterday. Awesomely fast shipping, so thank you for that. If this first issue is any indication on quality, I am only TOO excited to see what comes next. I just wish I would have subscribed earlier, but I have to give credit to Dak (from CRAWL!) who sent me over here.