Sunday, September 7, 2014

Crawljammer #4 NOW AVAILABLE!

This one is the biggest -- and dare I say? -- BEST issue of Crawljammer yet. Clocking in at 36 pages, issue #4 has a full-length DCC adventure spanning the moons of Pluto and the perils of Club Starshard and the depths of Hellscape, along with a few other features that would totally make the issue worth checking out.

See that guy on the cover? That's a Riftrunner as drawn by Crawljammer graphic-design-guy Matt Hildebrand. And the Riftrunner is like a dimension-hopping, elemental-powered spellcaster with the offensive might of the phlogiston fist. That new character class is in this issue. For you.

And Sean Ellis comes in again this issue to show us what Crawljammin' elves are like. And how they live on a floating volcanic island in space. And are not to be messed with.

Plus, there's some other stuff as well, like a short piece that lays the metaphysical foundation for the upcoming Space Gods issues to follow later this year. And cool drawings! Lots of 'em.

Yeah, it's Crawljammer #4, and it's now for sale! Buy it in print over on the right of this blog. Buy it in PDF over at RPGNow.

I hope you love it as much as I do!


  1. Nice! I just subscribed to the next 5 issues! I got 1, 2 and 3 on GENCON with Jen and had an awesome time playing with you on the Playtest for Purple Planet, Tim! Great stuff!

  2. Another great issue! Can you clarify "and anything summoned by the riftrunner immediately disappears if any successful attack strikes AC 8" -- (is this an ok place to ask?)

  3. Thanks! Yeah, the summoned things are basically magical constructs that vanish at the end of the round (or whatever it says) but if an enemy decides to attack them the construct has an AC of 8 and effectively just 1 hp so they vanish if struck.

  4. With the riftrunner, do you require them to cast the spell they roll or do you allow them to chose any spell lower than their roll as the Psychic Knight?